Super fun super bright wedding inspiration

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When I laid eyes on this wedding shoot inspired by super fun company I was smitten! Designed by Artsy Heartsy Events , Scarlett & Grace Florals and photographed by Milou and Olin Photography this fun bright wedding inspiration shoot is just gorgeous and has so many elements that you can use for inspiration. Click through to Brooklyn Bride for more bright goodness!





Post and images from Brooklyn Bride.

Event designer: Artsy Heartsy Events //Jewelry: //Equipment rentals: Classic Party Rentals //Dress: Kinsley James //Linens: La Tavola Fine Linens //Beauty: Maple + Moss //Bakery: Paper Heart Patisserie //Florals: Scarlett and Grace //Invites: Meredith Carty

Photography –  from Milou + Olin Photography


DIY Star – Sarah hearts

A Little Bright - Sarah hearts DIY

A Little Bright - Sarah hearts DIY 2

A Little Bright - Sarah hearts DIY 3

I love Sarah from the blog Sarah Hearts – and she loves pink. I think we could be friends. Every week – without fail – she produces the most gorgeous bunch of DIYs ever – these babies are high quality, friend swooning, enviable ideas. Here are my three latest faves but please pop over and see more!

DIY painted wood bangles // DIY polka dot wooden tray // DIY painted straw placemats

All images – Sarah Hearts


A Pair of Pears Art Print

What is it with 2015! It is crazy, and busy and running past at a mile a minute. Or maybe I am walking slowly, too slowly to catch up. Either way business and life is constantly evolving, and making decisions about which direction to go and what to focus your time, effort and attention on requires thought, and careful thought too.

My brain definitely has too many tabs open at the moment. I need to detach from too much looking and admiring and start thinking for myself. It is time to make some big decisions and get serious.

While that is all very cryptic, I am currently enjoying a little breathing time away from it all and the emails/noise/phones/messages that are a normal part of every day. I’ll be back shortly though with – hopefully – some updates and news.

Artwork image from here – A Pair of Pears Etsy Shop

Do I really need to embrace social media?

Bright Business

The most common grumble I hear from small businesses is around Marketing – and more specifically Social Media. In today’s Bright Business post I’m going to break it down and make it easy for you to see why you should be getting into it.

A Little Bright - Social Media roundup

Do I really need to embrace Social Media? Well the choice is entirely yours of course, but in my opinion YES! Get serious about Marketing and use the power of Social Media to make things happen in your business.

Jane Stanley from PHD Group sums it up perfectly – “It is not over-hyped; it’s essential. Social is now an integral part of any … plan.” Social Media makes it super easy to connect with your customers and share exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. And most platforms only require an investment of time – streets ahead of any massive investment in media or advertising I know you are not keen to make.

So what is the point of all of this?

one. Find your Tribe. In every type of Marketing platform there is a place for you and your people (also known as your customers). Think about magazines, or TV shows, or websites. You know yourself when you land on a website you can tell almost instantly if it is for you. The same goes for Social Media. Find where you are comfortable and then look for the type of people you want to inspire, or socialise with, or hope to be like one day. You might decide that Instagram is the only platform you like – or you might decide to investigate all of them – slowly. It is totally your choice. But once you are in there, I promise you’ll find people that will make you want to stay.

two. Make connections. Once you’ve found your place, find people – and lots of them. Networking in Social Media land is about the same as networking in person but it has a much softer approach. Start by following, then liking and commenting on those you want to connect with. Then strike up a message or two. Your connections in the online world are just as powerful – if not more powerful – than those in person, so put yourself out there and get connecting. Amazing things just might happen.

three. Share your story. This is the nicest bit about Social Media I think. It is really easy to share your story, your brand, your product or service. Start small and post a few insights from your life and business and before you know it you will be promoting like a star. Of course Social Media is not all about you. Don’t forget to share what makes you smile, and laugh and cry. People from all over the world will begin to see your personality – and that of your brand – crystal clear once they see your story and your day to day world. And just like that you are Marketing your business.

four. Enjoy it. Surprisingly enough you might actually enjoy yourself. This medium is designed to be fun and interactive and much more playful than the ‘serious’ marketing of previous decades. Throw yourself into it and see what eventuates. What is the worst that could happen? You decide one or all of the Social platforms are not for you. But the best? A whole new world of connections, sales and growing that business in ways you only dreamed of.

Go on – give it a whirl.



Instagram roundup – February

A Little Bright - Instagram roundup 2

February went past in a whirlwind! What a great month though, I had so many fanastic things going on and I am super excited to see what March brings my way. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from Instagram last month – you can follow me here.

A little spot of inspiration on my desk // To do list for the day ha ha // Some great grafitti out and about // Grace from Sweet Bakery & Cakery setting up a photo shoot for our new collaboration


A sweet new collaboration!

Wink + Sweet Bakery

I am thrilled to announce a new Wink collaboration with the gorgeous team at Sweet Bakery and Cakery in Wellington. Grace from the Sweet Bakery got in touch last year to ask about us teaming up to create a range of custom designs to go with her beautiful cakes and treats – of course I said yes!

I am so excited to see these designs come to fruition and let you know they are now available over on the Sweet Bakery website to add to any deliciousness you might need if you are a Wellington local. Lucky you!

Wink cake topper 2

Wink cake topper 3

Wink cake topper

Wink cake topper 4

(They are not all pink I promise but I am in love with this beautiful cake! GORGEOUS!) Image 1,2,3, 5 from Sweet Bakery and Image 4 from my Instagram