DIY Wall art inspiration

A Little Bright - diy wall art inspiration 1

A Little Bright - diy wall art inspiration 2

A Little Bright - diy wall art inspiration 3

1 – Type Graphic wall art inspiration from A Beautiful Mess //2 – Watercolour wall art inspiration from Sugar and Cloth //3 – Fun colourful wall art inspiration from A Beautiful Mess

I love these bright bold ways of colouring up your walls – whether you rent or own your own home. Which is your favourite? I guess when it is a DIY you can easily change your mind too – maybe make all three?

Instagram Roundup IV

A Little Bright - Instagram roundup 1V

I am excited to be playing along this month in Gala Darling’s Lovetober Instagram Challenge – it has been fun so far so follow me on Instagram here or check out the ins and out over here if you are keen to get involved.

Here are a few pictures I loved lately – Pretty flowers I saw while in Queenstown // A snippet from my latest art print //Sneak peek at my new custom baby stationery line // Unicorn leggings – say no more! // More pretty florals in front of my map to keep me dreaming


Things I like today – pink

A Little Bright - Things I like - pinky one

A Little Bright - Things I like - pinky two

I haven’t done one of these in a while so thought I would bring it back! There are always things that I spot that I love and think you might too!

First up is this lovely geometric wall DIY from Sugar and Cloth – so pretty, simple but effective! Secondly I love love this amazing marbled balloon from the drop it Modern shop – wowee!  And I couldn’t go past this sweet Flamingo phone case from Emaley Accessories.

Spring pretties – homewares

A Little Bright - Spring pretties


Ooooh Spring is here! The colour palette of life definitely switches once the days are longer, the sun is shining and the spring cleaning is underway. Here are a few of my favourite Spring homewares from New Zealand shops.

1 – Bloomingville Woven storage baskets from Let Liv // 2 – Caroline Z Hurley linen throw blanket from Father Rabbit // 3 –  General Eclectic Factory cabinet in white from Let Liv // 4 – Lambswool cushion from Jamie Kay

Keep On Creating – art print download

Things have been really busy around here which makes time fly but also makes it hard to get creative on a regular basis. I’ve been trying hard to allocate myself some time to get creative which pays off hugely to the overall spirit of my week and how I feel. This latest art print is celebrating the little moments of creativity – and of course, a little Spring floral inspiration too!

Keep on creating

Simply click to download, print and enjoy!

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Art prints are for personal use only! If sharing please credit back to Love Ideas Ink or A Little Bright and you must link back to the download link on this page. Thanks!

Image from Unsplash by Rula Sibai