Top tips on finding a niche

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I think it is really important for small businesses to get their niche small and perfectly formed. You ideally want to be in a place where you own it, you understand it and you are rocking it.

We always hear stories about how trying to do too much is dangerous, and means you won’t do anything well. I’m starting to see the benefit of specialising in a niche in my own business and wanted to share a few tips and tricks on finding your specialist target area.

It might not happen overnight. Finding your passion – let alone your niche – can take awhile so don’t be in a rush to find something and make it happen quickly – you might end up in the wrong direction. Take your time and find where you are meant to be.

Think about your passions, and edit, edit, edit. Start with what you know and love. Perhaps you are a fan of crochet, or a super fan of cards and writing letters. Think about what you love to do day to day and then start to work out how this could be incorporated into a business. A number of creatives these days are starting a blog first to see if you can commit to it on an ongoing basis before considering how to turn your ideas and passion into a business.

Own it and rock it. Whatever it is that you decide to do, make sure you are 100% committed. Being fully in it will ensure that your head is in the right place and you are ready and willing to take on any opportunities that come your way. You will also need to do your homework, make sure you have a unique take on your target idea and that you can sustain your plans for the long term.

Find your tribe. I’ve talked about this a little before but finding your tribe and your place is so important for business success. You need to find who else loves your style, your position and your niche and this will ensure you are on a solid track. Your tribe will motivate you too along your journey.

What challenges are you facing within your business trying to find your niche? I’d love to help if I can.

Pastel party inspiration

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Pastel party inspiration Lenzo Four

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Pastel party inspiration Lenzo Five

Pastel party inspiration Lenzo Three

Pastel party inspiration Lenzo One

Oh pretty pastel party heaven! When I saw this beautiful baby shower this morning on 100 Layer Cakelet I was in awe! The gorgeous styling by Lenzo and photographs from Hello Darling are just divine.

Click through for the full feature and credits.

STYLING + CONCEPT: Lenzo / PHOTOGRAPHY: Hello Darling Photography / FURNITURE + PROP HIRE: Harry the Hirer / CAKE + STATIONERY: Cake Ink / PARTYWARE: Light + Co / PAINT: Haymes Paint / BALLOONS: Belle Balloons / FLORAL INSTALLATION: Lulu Bird


Want to know what small businesses are doing wrong on Facebook?

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Every day I see small businesses struggling on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

I see lots of complaints about Facebook’s algorithms changing the game and businesses worrying about how to best get customers to receive notifications from their page.

But the single biggest mistake I see small businesses making is not putting the effort into a regular, consistent and content heavy social media schedule.

This is the single biggest way to get seen and shared on Facebook.

As a small business I know you are constantly trying to cut through the piles of paper and emails and general administration to even get to the creative stuff, let alone the marketing and social media. But it can be easy and quick and I want to show you how.

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New season stationery essentials

A Little Bright - New season stationery

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Oh stationery how I love you. I’ve rounded up a few of my new release must haves in the very spring colourway of yellow from my favourite retailers. And I give you complete permission to purchase; after all good stationery = success + happiness.

one – Birch Floral pocket notebook from Rifle Paper Co. // two – GSD notepad from Matters of Delight on Brit + Co // three – Yay Greeting Card from Kikki K. // four – New York to Paris Everyday Notebook from Garance Dore on Rifle Paper Co. // five – Hello Yellow Notecube from Kikki K.