Hi there,

Today is a big day. You might have seen my earlier post about something big arriving soon but there is a little more of a story too.

As of today I work for myself. I am equal parts super excited and terrified but it is a great opportunity and I am very much looking forward to it!

I wanted to thank all of you for your support so far and let you know that there is lots of fabulousness coming and I hope you will stick by me – I will definitely need you over the coming months!

So I thought I’d remind you of my little businesses which I hope will support me!


Love Ideas Ink was my first shop that I started just over a year ago now. I love paper, always have and always will and I just wanted to create some lovely things – I had a little dream you might say!

Through Love Ideas Ink I have ventured out into the world of craft markets and met the most amazing people ever. I am super grateful for this. I’ve also been doing some fantastic custom work which is fantastic – keep an eye here for more.

You can click here for the shop.


Wink came along second. I love the creativity that Wink brings me – you will often find me surrounded by hearts and scissors, or twine or glitter or hot glue! I am having a ball with all the great projects I am working on and I love that I can customise everything to match what people want.

I think this is a great service and I am excited to see what Wink can bring in the New Year.

You can click here for the shop.


Peachy is brand sparkly new and is coming very soon. If you are a fan of paper goods and you are based in New Zealand (for now!) you are going to love this!

Click here for the Facebook page to stay tuned for all the updates!


Oh yes and one more! Love Ideas Creative is what I run all my freelance marketing and design work under. A website is in progress and I will have more to say on this soon.

I have always loved brands and creating fresh new looks  – especially for small businesses – so this is where I am keen to help.


If I can help you out in any way email me through one of the sites – I would love to help you! And of course Inky and Bright will be here detailing it all along the way. I have lots of exciting plans for the site and a lot more free printables too!

xx Josie

(a new signature coming soon to reflect a new life!)


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