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Well you might have noticed my week did not finish as it had started – or as I had planned. This is the universe! Sometimes we are forced into a break and a few days in bed which was how my week ended sadly.

I thought this post was perfect timing to reassure ourselves everything will be ok! (P.S back into regular posting next week!).

I love these tips from Jessica Mullen!

Embrace what you have. It could all change in an instant.
This one comes from TV too—Spartacus to be exact. When you find yourself trying to fight your way out of your current moment (to get to work, to get home, to meet someone, etc.), take a look around you at the abundance surrounding you right now, that you want so much to leave. Imagine it’s your last time with these people, in this place. Embrace where you are! It’s exactly what you wanted at some point before, and it’s all you need! You’ll always get where you’re going, but can you enjoy where you are?

Positive thinkers teach you to not get upset about negative experiences, but don’t get too attached to the positive ones either.
Understand that a lot of your contrast (negative emotion) is guilt because you feel responsible for keeping things as good as they are. You get attached to how good they are and want to “keep thinking positively” about these subjects so you don’t lose them. But you have to trust that they will stay there if they’re meant to be. You can appreciate them as much as possible and that will actually do something GOOD for your reality, whereas worrying about losing the positive aspects of your life will literally wear them away.

Try this mantra: “I’m the creator. It’s already the way I want it to be.”
If you can get yourself to believe this, you’ll basically have the key to it all.

Practice the feeling of what it will feel like to have what you want.
When you have a point of contrast that you can’t seem to get over, try picturing what you’ll say when it finally is over. You’ll be sitting around with your partner or friend, and you’ll say, “Remember when I used to care about that one thing? How silly! Now I have that solution in spades!”

See the full post here.

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