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A little inspiration to start your week. Start as you mean to continue!

I love the blog In Spaces Between and it always has lots of great inspiration and ideas for that better life we are all aiming for. Here is a little soul spark for you.

Liberating your creative essence takes time.

When you start out, the process will be wobbly and uncertain. Messy. Mucky. Too big. Not the kind of awesome that leaps magically out of your skull and into form.

You’ll self-doubt, critique, cha-cha-cha around your vision, procrastinate, flake out, pull up stumps, and then, eventually… jump back on the wagon again because that call will still be calling you.

You’re going to slide into the succulence of sweet momentum.

Clarity will rock up on your doorstep, sharp as a tack, bearing blooms.

Your senses will awaken. Vitality, life force, energy – it will all be yours.

Remember that the getting to know yourself happens along the way. Frustration, disappointment, exploration, hope, thrill, satisfaction and joy all lead you to the place just beyond your personal creative edge.

The pleasure is in the process.

Read the full article here.

I also love this great visual by Striking Truths.


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