Inspiration – je ne sais quoi

Inspiration headerHi there,

Well it has been quite a week. It has been one of those crazy weeks with ups and downs, and the downs were slightly larger than the ups! I managed to break two computers (2 computers – 2 computers = 0 computers and panic) and then it turned out to be a really busy week even without the computer!

I have moments of super happiness when I think I can do this self employment thing and then I go and break two computers and think I need a back up plan – a serious business would have a back up plan. Sigh.

So a little inspiration for you today – a bit of je ne sais quoi from BellaMumma.

Here are 30 ways to help you tap into your inner ‘je ne sais quoi’…

1. Allow yourself moments of solitude.
2. Keep certain things to yourself.
3. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.
4. Be willing to take risks. Wisdom comes with experience.
5. Continue to learn.
6. Listen to what continues to call to you.
7. Indulge in conversation with those who intrigue you.
8. Travel to wherever your curiosity pulls you.
9. Read biographies and auto-biographies of people who capture your attention.
10. Turn off the technology and just go where the moments take you.
11. Be impossible to define by anyone but yourself. How? Never stop growing, learning
and searching for new knowledge about yourself and the world.
12. Ignore stereotypes.
13. Follow your own path even if no one seems to understand why.
14. Don’t be agreeable if you don’t agree.
15. Choose battles that pair up with what you value most.
16. Ignore the outside world’s opinion. Pay it no mind. It will intrigue them all the more.
17. Strive to be respected, not liked.
18. Take the time to understand the rules, then break them when necessary.
19. Always choose quality over quantity – clothing, relationships, decor, thoughts, etc.

20. Appreciate your unique beauty. Channel your inner Diana Vreeland.

For the final 10 click through to BellaMumma. These are really good I love them!
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