Hi there,

Today is my birthday so I have a little wisdom for you. Not that I am overflowing with wise words but today I feel like I have a couple of things to share.


1 – Good advice is everywhere but you don’t need all of it at once.

The world wide web is overflowing with positive inspiration, wise words and cute motivational sayings. But too much can be a bad thing. Look for one piece of inspiration when required, as a great way to stay upbeat and on track. Whenever I am feeling a bit down one piece of advice always pops out at me and causes me to sigh, breathe and move on with my day. Look for that one piece of inspiration and take as required.

2 – There is only so much planning for the future a girl can do.

We are constantly told to plan ahead, get planning, plan your career, where you are headed, where are you going. I find all of this planning a bit exhausting sometimes. I am the Queen of the forgetful, the superstar of how to pretend I’m being spontaneous, the mad lady of last minutes, but sometimes it works. A to do list for the day is a great thing. You are living in the moment, aware of what needs to be done but ticking off one task at a time. And feeling good.

3 – A little party never hurt nobody.

Ok so I might have pinched that one, but the concept is solid. Enjoy, relax and get your party on. This will help you feel inspired, motivated and generally glowsome.

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