A little anniversary

A Little Bright - Oh Happy Day

2 years in Self employment seems like a huge milestone worth celebrating! I am not sure I thought I would get through 2 days let alone 2 years when I started this new journey back in 2012. But days and weeks and months pass by and all of a sudden I’m here. 2 years! A happy day that is for sure.

I feel like the growth trajectory is so massive when running your own business –  the amount of information you need to absorb, working out how best to network and work out where you can help/get help from people, the learning curve around accounts, invoicing and how to do things smarter – and the always present guilt around not working the 9-5, all hits you along the way.

I’m really keen to share some more around my learnings at some stage but for now, over the next few days and weeks you will see a whole pile of stuff I’ve been working on – and this I think is the legacy of my year. I’ve been working hard and for me this is the busiest time of year so I have lots to show you.

There is not a huge amount of downtime here to reflect on the 2 years but I didn’t want it to go unmentioned. I seem to be terrible at remembering other anniversaries but this one is important and always is in my mind. The power of what you can achieve when you set your mind to it is immense!

Enjoy and thanks for all of your support along the way. Every one of you supporting my small business means the world!


Image from Death to the Stock Photo.


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