Thoughts on pace and hustle


I am a bit nosey when it comes to reading all the New Years posts from other bloggers – I love reading where everyone is at, what people are thinking about when it comes to how last year was and how this year should be. I have found the common theme is that so many of us are feeling like last year blew past in the wind and we were too busy working to notice it.

The busy-ness of life, trying to keep up on social media, sites, blogs and running businesses while managing families, kids and personal lives seems to be an overwhelming and slightly negative theme from 2014. If there is something everyone seems to want to focus on for 2015 it is simplicity, enjoying the moment, taking time out from the computer and getting outdoors – whatever it may look like for you.

I think this is a great positive vibe for starting 2015 and I am starting with the same plan (despite the fact that last night I was on the computer until 9.30pm when my eyes started not working any more!). Let’s try and stop the hustle and be authentic instead – we can’t be productive when we work all the hours and we can’t be fantastic when there is no time for us.

Image from Oh My! Handmade Goodness


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