A Pair of Pears Art Print

What is it with 2015! It is crazy, and busy and running past at a mile a minute. Or maybe I am walking slowly, too slowly to catch up. Either way business and life is constantly evolving, and making decisions about which direction to go and what to focus your time, effort and attention on requires thought, and careful thought too.

My brain definitely has too many tabs open at the moment. I need to detach from too much looking and admiring and start thinking for myself. It is time to make some big decisions and get serious.

While that is all very cryptic, I am currently enjoying a little breathing time away from it all and the emails/noise/phones/messages that are a normal part of every day. I’ll be back shortly though with – hopefully – some updates and news.

Artwork image from here – A Pair of Pears Etsy Shop


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