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ALittlebright.com is an informative website that teaches readers more about pets and farm animal management. Our goal is to give you the best managing and interacting methods with your pets and farm animals.

Our Story

ALittlebright.com is a project that started in 2013. Leslie Oberholtze came up with the idea of the project. She discovered individuals and bloggers don’t really talk about pet and farm animals’ management from her research. This has been a pressing issue around the world as lots of pets, and farm animals don’t have a good housing system. This affects both the owner and the animals has diseases can be transferred from animals to human beings if proper care is not taken. This Website is created to take more on this and enlighten people around the world on how to manage their pets.

A Little Bright is run solely by Leslie Oberholtze, Katy Nilsen and a group of intelligent and professional writers.

Our main goal is to teach you how well to secure your animal’s live. Animals need houses to stay. This makes living comfortable for them and their owner. A lot of pets don’t have a good housing system. Our Website will give you good tips and advice on which housings system is most appropriate for your pets and farm animals.

If you have any ideas for articles that we should write or short clips that we should make, don’t hesitate, feel free to contact us!

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