What Is A Group Of Dragons Called and How They Live In 2021?

A dragon is a type of imaginary creature that can put out the fire with its mouth. It is thought that this creature can fly.  The dragon is also known as the national animal of different countries. The existence of this creature is found in the legends of China, Japan, Korea, Indochina, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Many films have been made about dragons in the western media. This species is very captivating animals to the young and is very attractive also.

What is a group of dragons called? A group of dragons is called in different names like a flock, hoard, a wing of dragons, a thunder of dragons, a flight of dragons, a school of dragons, a weyr of dragons, etc.

what is a group of dragons called

So, let’s have a look at the details about the furious and amazing animals and their living status. Without further ado, dive in.

What Is Dragon?

A dragon is a large and giant reptile. They are legendary creatures who are famous in many cultures as folklore. There are different descriptions of dragons at different times. They are typically fire-breathing reptiles also. In western cultures, the dragons are described as horned, winged, four-legged, and able to breathe fire also. On the other hand, they are a symbol of fertility that is associated with water and the heavens.

Different Types Of Dragon

The dragons come in different types and multi-sizes. Dragons can be legendary, fantastic, mythical, and authentic, etc. There are different types of dragons like Eastern dragons, Western dragons, fire-breathing dragons, etc. They can fly, swim, etc. There are ten types of dragons. Let’s discuss the most common five types of dragons-

Komodo Dragon:

The komodo dragons are found in Indonesia predominantly but they are rarely seen on the Indonesian islands. There are about five thousand wild komodo dragons.

What is a Komodo dragon? The komodo dragons are the largest living lizard on earth. They grow up to 10 feet long and can weight 150 pounds. They are considered endangered species.

Yinglong Dragon:

The Yinglong dragons are the oldest dragons. These dragons are called to have the antlers of deer, talons of an eagle, and the eyes of a demon. They are also known as the proper conduct dragon.

What is the Yinglong dragon? The Yinglong dragons are called the guardians of the waters. These dragons get wings when they reach their thousandth birthday.

Biblical Dragon:

There are much pieces of evidences of biblical dragons. They are considered as an old serpent, devil, satin, etc.

What is the biblical dragon? The biblical dragons are the great red dragons having seven crowns on the head, seven heads, and ten horns.

Monitor Lizard:

The monitor lizards are meat-eating giant reptiles and they are found mostly in Southeast Asia and Australia. Bite of the dragons supposed to be poisonous.

What is a monitor lizard? The very large dragons can grow more than eight feet long and have claws, sharp teeth. They are able to drag off sheep and small children by their tails.


The firedrakes are the most famous dragons and they are spread out in epic poems, Smaug, and Beolwulf, etc. They are usually found in the cave, guarding the treasure.

What is firedrake? Firedrakes are one type of dragon able to breathe fire and looks like the monstrous serpent that has massive claws on its legs.

What Is A Group Of Baby Dragons Called?

The baby dragons are different in size. They have common traits like they are able to breathe fire and fly. The baby dragons are called in different names based on their age. The young dragons are called brood, whelps, and roosts. The adolescent dragons are called fledglings.

  • Roots
  • Whelps
  • Brood
  • Fledglings

What Is A Large Group Of Dragons Called?

The large group of dragons refers to the large dragon. They are called in different names. They are able to fly in the sky and land both. Some large groups of the dragon are able to move in water too. The large dragons have magic resistance and they are more powerful.

What Do You Call A Group Of Dragons?

There are different species of dragons that create a group. The different groups of dragons are called different names. Basically, the group of dragons is the folk ware in different cultures. The group of dragons is called in multi names like a flight of dragons, a thunder of dragons, a school of dragons, and a weyr of dragons, a wing of dragons, etc. There are some unique names of them also like a flock, hoard, etc.

  • Hoard
  • Flock
  • A flight of dragons
  • A thunder of dragons
  • A school of dragons
  • A weyr of dragons
  • The wings of dragons

The Daily Life Of A Dragon

The large and serpentine legendary dragon mainly appears in the folklore of different cultures. They have a different lifestyle than others. They are mainly the symbol of evil in some traditions. The dragons have supernatural power, strength, wisdom, and hidden knowledge. Their lifestyle mainly depends on their different food sources, living areas, and their activities.  

What Do Dragons Eat?

The dragons have different food habits based on their different species. Some dragon species are usually carnivores and they mainly depend on meat. There are some herbivore dragons and they like to eat only plants. Some bearded dragons mainly eat a large number of live foods like mealworms, crickets, king worms, and different fresh vegetables such as pepper, sweet potato, etc. They take fruit and green vegetables as twenty to twenty-five percent of their total diet. Besides these, they also like to eat leafy greens like parsley and kale. The bearded dragons can also eat multi-fruits. There are some omnivores dragons like to eat both animals and plants.

What Does A Dragon Sound Like?

The dragons can make different noises in different situations. It depends on their emotions and environment. The dragons sound ferocious roar and come from their belly upwards and it is breathing fire. Sometimes make duh. Purring sound which is similar to cat and the dragons make a noise like purring to show love to others. The purring sound is much louder. The roaring sound is used to express the aggression. When the dragons are scared, they use different sounds like warning sound and rumbling.

  • Roar
  • Duh
  • Purring
  • Rumbling

What Is A Dragon’s Natural Habit?

Dragons are mostly isolated animals and like to live in crowd fewer areas. They prefer the areas far away from towns and cities. The dragons usually live in different damp and wet places and in these places, no one disturbs them. Generally, they love the isolated caves, old caves, and some abandoned castles. In these areas, the dragons feel safe to live and sleep. They also reside in deep pools, dank areas, and wild mountain areas. Mainly the large and isolated dragons choose the areas of dark, unique, and isolated areas for their living.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How many eggs give a dragon lady?
A dragon may lay several clutches during its full lifetime and lays eggs up to at least five eggs at a time.
What is the average life span of a dragon?
The life span of a dragon depends on its physical condition and care. The average lifespan of a dragon is up to 8 to 12 years. Sometimes it may exceed 14 years.
Are dragons dangerous for humans?
Dragons are dangerous based on their species. The komodo dragons are very dangerous for humans because they have shark-like teeth and much poisonous. If the Komodo dragon bites a person, the one bite can kill the person.
Do dragons can fly?
The dragons are very massive in size and too heavy. They have also too big wings to obtain powered flight. But sometimes their bodies disproportionately weightless and can fly fluently.
Can dragons swim in water?
The dragons can swim in water are different species. Their tails can be designed to help them swim in the water. They can stay underwater many times and can dive into the water to save themselves from danger and predators.

Wrapping Up

Dragons are the most popular and known animal to all though their existence is rare nowadays. What is a group of dragons called? This content has given the ideal concept about the question. The lifestyle and overview of this animal are much attractive and interesting to us ever.