What Is A Group Of Ladybirds Called and How They Live In 2021?

Ladybirds are small beetles that belong to the family Coccinellidae. These insects also are called lady beetles or ladybugs. Though sometimes addressed as bugs, ladybirds aren’t actually classified as “true bugs”.

What is a group of ladybirds called? Ladybirds does justice to their lovely appearance. It is because a group of those beetles are called “loveliness”.

what is a group of ladybirds called

Did you know that ladybirds are considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures? To grasp more about these adorable and attractive critters, keep on reading below!

What Is A Group Of Baby Ladybirds Called?

Ladybirds lay eggs on the underside of leaves. After this, on the basis of their species, larvae emerge from these eggs within some days.

What is a group of baby ladybirds called? The immature stage of ladybirds or the baby ladybirds are individually referred as larva. A group of them is called larvae.

What Is A Large Group Of Ladybirds Called?

Ladybirds quite like to form groups together. During their time of hibernation, they are seen forming large groups.

What is a large group of ladybirds called? A large group of ladybirds is called “loveliness”. Their groups are also sometimes referred to as a “bloom”.

What Do You Call A Group Of Ladybirds?

Ladybirds live in warm weather, and when the weather starts turning cold, they look for a secure place to hibernate. During this time, they form hibernating colonies under rocks, inside the house, or trees’ logs.

What do you call a group of ladybirds? In a hibernating colony, you’ll find thousands of ladybirds. A group of these beetles is called either “loveliness” or “bloom”.

Different Types Of Ladybirds

Ladybirds can be found mostly all over the world where their food sources are available. Depending on the color and number of spots on their bodies, these insects are classified into different unique species.

At present, about 5000 different types or species of ladybirds are existing in the world. The total number of ladybirds is currently unknown.

Let’s know some interesting facts about 10 popular types of ladybirds down below!

Type 01- Seven Spotted Ladybird

When we think about ladybirds, an image of a red-colored beetle with seven black spots on its body comes to our mind. It’s the image of the most common type of ladybug all over the world known as the seven-spotted ladybird.

What is Seven-spotted ladybird? Seven-spotted ladybird is a lady beetle of C. septempunctata species. It’s a common species in Europe, North Africa, Asia and America.

Type 02- Two Spot Ladybird

Red and shiny body with two black spots;that’s how you identify a two-spot ladybird or Adalia bipunctata. This ladybird can also be found in the melanistic form in many regions.

What is Two-spot ladybird? The ladybird of A. bipunctata species is known as the Two-spot ladybird. It’s native to central and western Europe as well as North America. This beetle is also known as a biological control agent.

Type 03- Ten Spotted Ladybird

Ladybirds with yellow, red or black bodies with ten spots can be identified as the Adalia decempunctata or Ten-spotted ladybird. It’s a carnivorous insect.

What is Ten-spotted ladybird? The Ten-spotted ladybird is a typical Palearctic species of ladybird. It’s highly variable in type and can carry black spots anywhere from the number 0 to 15.

Type 04- Fourteen Spotted Ladybird

The fourteen-spotted ladybird is extensive in the Palearctic north to the Arctic Circle. Its scientific name is Propylea quatuordecimpunctata.

What is Fourteen-spotted ladybird? Fourteen-spotted ladybird is a beetle of P. quatuordecimpunctata species. This type of ladybirds has a large range of background color like yellow and orange but they can’t be found in red color.

Type 05- Twenty Two Spot Ladybird

Twenty-two spot ladybird is a native species to Europe. Its body’s color is yellow with a total of 22 black spots all over it.

What is Twenty-two spot ladybird? Twenty-two spot ladybird or Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata is a type of ladybird that feeds on mildew. This beetle belongs to the P. vigintiduopunctata species.

Type 06- Eighteen Spotted Ladybird

Eighteen-spotted ladybirds generally have brownish colored bodies with eighteen white spots. This lady beetle is generally 0.16 to 0.20 inches in length.

What is Eighteen-spotted ladybird? Eighteen-spotted ladybird is a beetle of the Myrrha genus and is an M. octodecimguttata species of ladybird. They live mainly in mixed and pine forests.

Type 07- Spotted Lady Beetle

The spotted lady beetles are also known as pink or twelve-spotted lady beetle. They have a length of six millimeters on average.

What is Spotted Lady beetle? The Spotted lady beetle is a native species of ladybirds to North America. They are largely used as a biological control agent. Their scientific name is Coleomegilla maculate.

Type 08- Greater Ladybeetles

Greater ladybeetle is one of the most variable species in the world with an extensive range of color forms. This type of ladybird is native to eastern Asia.

What is Greater ladybeetle? Greater ladybeetle belongs to the genus Harmonia. This insect is quite difficult to determine and might even require examination of their reproductive system for identifying their species.

Type 09- Orange Spotted Ladybird

The orange-spotted ladybirds have black bodies with 16 orange or yellow spots. Their scientific name is Coccinella leonina.

What is Orange-spotted ladybird? The Orange-spotted ladybird is a predator species of lady beetle native to New Zealand. It’s medium in size with an average length of 5.5 millimeters.

Type 10- Eyed Ladybird

The Eyed ladybird is a native species to Europe and many Asian countries. They have red colored bodies.

What is Eyed Ladybird? Eyed ladybird is a beetle of A. ocellata species. The scientific name of this insect is Anatis ocellata. The black spots on their bodies are typically surrounded by yellowish halos.

The Daily Life Of Ladybirds

Ladybirds are not only attractive but also harmless to most animals. The daily life of these insects is serene. They find their habitats mainly in grasslands, forests, suburbs, and also in cities.

What Do Ladybirds Eat?

While most people like ladybirds for their graceful appearance, these insects are adored by the farmers as they have plant-eating pests in their diet.

What do ladybirds eat? Ladybirds are mainly carnivores. The adult insects as well as the larvae consume small insects, especially Aphids. A seven-spotted ladybird has the ability to eat more than 5000 aphids in a year. Besides, a small number of ladybird species are herbivorous.

What Does A Ladybird Sound Like?

All ladybirds make similar sound just like most other insects. Their vocalizations are not irritating to human ears.

What does a ladybird sound like? Ladybirds make a buzzing sound. This sound is mostly made when they fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladybirds harmful to humans?
No, ladybirds aren’t harmful to humans rather they’re adored for their attractive appearance as well as for eating up plant-eating insects.
Do ladybirds bite?
Yes, they sometimes bite and also pinch using their legs.
What eats ladybirds?
Birds, frogs, wasps, dragonflies etc. eat ladybirds.
What’s the Latin name for ladybird?
The Latin name for ladybird is Coccinellidae.
What attracts ladybirds to our house?
The warmth and secured feeling attract ladybirds to the human houses.

Wrapping Up

Just like the other animals, the ladybirds are important for maintaining the ecological balance. Greatly used as biological control agents, these beetles play a very important role in protecting our food. While most of them are adored and their existences are in a safe spot, some species are endangered and for that we must take necessary measures to preserve them.