What Is A Group Of Porcupines Called and How They Live In 2021?

The native hedgehog is known as the national animal of large rats. The main feature of this animal is some hairs transformed into thorns. Their strategy is to attack from behind. Porcupines are one of the nocturnal animals. The porcupines are the most common animal on the planet. They are found especially in Russia.

What is a group of porcupines called? The congregation of the solitary mammals’ porcupines is called a prickle.

what is a group of porcupines called

Let’s have a look at the details of different groups of porcupines and their lifestyle. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Is An Animal Porcupine?

The porcupines are one of the large rodent mammals. There are more than two dozen porcupine species around the world. The porcupines generally cover two families.

What is an animal porcupine? The porcupines are well-known mammals in society. They are large and slow-moving animals. They have a body with sharp quills on the back part of their body. The porcupines are found on every continent zone except Antarctica.

How Does A Porcupine Look Like?

The porcupines look like unique than other mammals. The outer fur of their body is thick. The male porcupines are larger than females.

How does a porcupine look like? The porcupine rodents have short and strong legs. They have feet with hairless soles that help to climb trees and several layers of strong, sharp, and sharp types of thorns. These rodents’ fur is black to brownish-yellow colored. These have quills all over their body except their stomach.

Different Types Of Porcupine

There are mainly two types of porcupines around the world like old world porcupines and new world porcupines. There are about two dozen porcupine species in the world. Let’s have a look at the most common ten types of porcupines-

Type 01 – Crested Porcupine:

The crested porcupines are also known as the African crested porcupines. They are from the family Hystricidae and they are found in North Africa, Italy, and sub-Saharan African areas.

What is a crested porcupine? The crested porcupines have crests from their top of the head up to shoulders. They have plane chewing surfaces for grinding plant cells with high crowned teeth. The crest gives them high protection from predators.

Type 02 – Brazilian Porcupine:

The Brazilian porcupines are one of the species of porcupines. They are generally found in Argentina, Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela, Guiana, Bolivia, French, Trinidad, and different areas of Peru.

What is a Brazilian porcupine? The Brazilian porcupines are expert climbers and they spend most of the time in the canopy. They have long, large and muscular tails and they are adapted to move in the trees very well.

Type 03 – Indian Crested Porcupine:

The Indian crested porcupines are one of the most common rodent species. They are very native to southern Asia and the Middle East.

What is an Indian crested porcupine? The Indian crested porcupines are one of the largest species and they have multiple layers of spines. They have quills with more than one foot long.

Type 04 – Cape Porcupine:

The cape porcupines are the largest species around the world. They are found in southern and central Africa.

What is a cape porcupine? The largest species is also considered as the world’s fourth heaviest living rodents. They have crests around their neck. They have also long and black-white quills that grow up to one foot.

Type 05 – Malayan Porcupine:

The Malayan porcupines are the rodent species from the family Hystricidae. They are mostly found in the areas of south and Southeast Asia.

What is a Malayan porcupine? The Malayan porcupines are large species. They are stout-bodied rodent species. Their quills are covered with sharp and modified hair. The upper body parts of these species are black-white and yellow striped.

Type 06 – Sunda Porcupine:

The Sunda porcupines are the rodents from the family Hystricidae. They are very native to Indonesia.

What is a Sunda porcupine? Sunda porcupines are big rodents. They have unique defense mechanism behavior through their quills. The porcupine species are commonly found in the areas of talun, ladang, huma, and natural forests area.

Type 07 – Andean Porcupine:

The Andean porcupines are the rodent species from the family Erethizontidae. They are mostly found in the Cordillera and Andes of Ecuador.

What is an Andean porcupine? The Andean porcupines are nocturnal and solitary mammals. They are one of the small species of all porcupines.

Type 08 – Philippine Porcupine:

The Philippine porcupines are the rodent species from the family Hystricidae. They are known as landak and durian. They are found on the island of Palawan zones in the Philippines.

What is a Philippine porcupine? The Philippine porcupines have quills that have not barbs. The outer of the species is covering of a spine that serves its protection fully but they have no natural enemies.

Type 09 – Brown Hairy Dwarf Porcupine:

The brown hairy dwarf porcupines are the rodent species from the family Erethizontidae. They generally live in Venezuela and Colombia. The natural habitat of the species is lower forest areas and tropical-subtropical zones.

What is a brown hairy dwarf porcupine? These species are the rare mammals since the past. The rarest species have different unique names. Babies are called pups where males are boat and females are called a sow.

Type 10 – Long-Tailed Porcupine:

The long-tailed porcupines are one of the rodent species. They live naturally in the areas of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

What is a long-tailed porcupine? The long-tailed porcupines have comparatively long tails than others. The nocturnal mammals and sleep at day. The body shape of the species is like a large rat. Upper parts of the body are brown colored and the underside is comparatively pale.

What Is A Group Of Baby Porcupine Called?

The baby porcupines are very cute to look at. They are born during April and May month. The babies are reliant on their mothers after born. Mothers take care of the babies and feed them for the first few months after birth. The babies have very soft quills on their bodies. They do not go the distance from their mothers. The tiny porcupines attract others due to their cuteness. The name of the baby porcupines is called porcupettes.

  • Porcupettes

What Is A Large Group Of Porcupine Called?

The porcupines normally live in scrubby and forest areas. They make different sized dens in the hollow trees, decaying logs, and caves to live. But the porcupines are solitary mammals. They like to live mostly alone not with large groups. Sometimes the porcupines are seen to share their dens with others during the winter season. The members of the group are up to eight porcupines.

What Do You Call A Group Of Porcupine?

The porcupines are well-developed defense and they do not need to stay with groups to safe from predators. They mostly stay in the scabby areas. All type of porcupines is solitary mammals that do not need to make a group for living. But the porcupines make a small group in some different situations. They live with their family members like male, female, and young porcupines. The small group of porcupines is called spiky.

  • Spiky

The Daily Life Of A Porcupine

The porcupines are mostly active at night because they are nocturnal mammals. The porcupines spend most of the time sleeping feeding and resting. They pass more time seeking their food. The old world porcupines pass time on the ground and the new world porcupines spend more time in the tree. The porcupines depend on the natural stems, bark, leaves, springtime buds, and fruits, etc.

What Do Porcupines Eat?

The porcupines are herbivores mammals. The food variety depends on the habitat of the porcupines and the seasons also.

What do porcupines eat? The porcupines eat twigs, green plants, nuts, different fruits, buds, leaves, etc. They also chew through the outer tree bark for eating the tissue-like inner bark. Besides these, they eat berries, seeds, roots, stems, grasses, and leaves.

What Does A Porcupine Sound Like?

The porcupines are solitary that not need to chat with others. They are not talkative. They are silent mammals.

What does a porcupine sound like? The porcupines can make different sounds in different ways. The common sound made by them is cough, groans, low grunts, teeth chatters, screeches, and whines.

  • Cough
  • Groans
  • Low grunts
  • Teeth chatters
  • Screeches
  • Whines

Frequently Asked Questions

Are porcupines poisonous?
The porcupines are not venomous and the quills are not poisonous. So, the porcupines are not dangerous.
Do porcupines bite?
The porcupines save themselves with the quills. It can be very painful to touch the porcupines.
Can a human tough the porcupines?
Answer for question 3
Are the porcupines aggressive?
The porcupines are not aggressive. They do not attack humans until they are harassed. They are afraid of humans.
What is the lifespan of a porcupine?
The porcupines can live up to thirty years.

Wrapping Up

The porcupines are the most common mammals around the world. What is a group of porcupines called? We have discussed the most common porcupines in our nature. They are mostly adult solitary mammals. The porcupines are most popular for their quills. They use these quills to protect themselves from predators. They are also popular for their wondering sounds.