What Is A Group Of Snails Called and How They Live In 2021?

A snail in the animal kingdom belongs to the class known as Gastropoda. With the name given to numerous similar creatures that are referred to as snails live in the land, sea, trees and freshwater.

What is a group of snails called? A group of snails can be called as a rout of snails. Snails may group together to form clusters to help cope against draught or high temperatures and form clusters.

what is a group of snails called

Let us read further to know more about these fascinating little creatures.

What Is A Group Of Baby Snails Called?

When Snails lay eggs the eggs and tine snails until they hatch are held together in a transparent cluster.

What is a group of baby snails called? A group of baby snails may not have a distinct name but can be called as a cluster of snails.

What Is A Large Group Of Snails Called?

Snails are often cultivated in large numbers for human consumption. The process is known as Heliculture.

What is a large group of snails called? A larger group of snails in clusters or close together can be called an escargatoire of snails.

What Do You Call A Group Of Snails?

Snails only gather in clusters to protect themselves in summer, forming a cluster to prevent dehydration.

What do you call a group of snails? A group of snails can be called a walk of snails as well. A walk of snail may also gather around a dead snail to feed on the decaying shell for calcium.

Different Types Of Snails

While snails fall loosely into the groups of shelled gastropods, they can also include snails that live on lands, fresh water or in the sea. Their species vary in sizes shapes, types of shells, feeding habits and more.

There are as many as more than 6500 species of snails that exist in land fresh water and the sea.

Let us read further and take a deep dive into the world of snails to see some of the most interesting ones out of a great many variety and how they differ from each other.

Type 01- Candy Cane Snail

Mostly found in the Caribbean, this gastropod is known to be the most colorful of its kind.

What is a Candy Cane Snail? Candy Cane snail is a snail that has a white shell and rainbow colored rings around it over a white conical shell. It mostly lives on trees but is mostly known to lay eggs in the sad.

Type 02- Giant African Snails

This species of Snails are known to be the biggest gastropods that live on the land.

What is a Giant African Snail? The giant African snails are snails that are not so little and can stretch up to 7inches long and 3.5inches in diameter. These herbivorous snails feed on over 500 types of plants.

Type 03- Golden Elephant Snails

This species of snail is found in freshwater and its habitat is limited to Indonesia’s Lake Maso and Malili Lake Systems.

What is a Golden Elephant Snail? Golden Elephant Snails are little creatures have a bright colored conical shell. It has several other distinctive features including the rabbit like ears and a trunk, resembling that of an elephant which gives it its name.

Type 04- Geography Cone

This following snail is found in the sea, namely the Indo-pacific region, Indian Ocean and the Red sea and some coastal regions of Australia.

What is a Geography Cone? The geography cone snails are known as one of the most poisonous snail and creature in the world. It has a very distinctive appearance and is in high demand among collectors.

Type 05- Violet Sea Snail

This species of snail is very unique due to its light purple shell and its unique ability of travelling by floating as it cannot swim.

What is a Violet Sea Snail? Violet sea snail are named after its shell color, they can be found in warm and temperate waters all over the world. They can be found in high concentration in the Indian Ocean and the sub-tropical Atlantic.

Type 06- Apple Snails

This species of snails are popular for purchase due to their hard and luscious colored shells.

What is a Apple Snail? Apple Snails are these little creatures who feed on plants and leaves and are native to South Africa. They occur in a variety of colors including blue, gold and tiger.

Type 07- Garden Snail

This species of snails that feed on plants as well is one of the most common type of snails and known to cause damage to crops.

What is a Garden Snail? Garden snail or the European Brown Garden snail has a soft body, yellow and cream colored shells and is not bigger than 1.3 inches. It is common in Europe and other Parts of the world.

Type 08- Mediterranean Green Snail

This species of snails are found mostly in rain forests and South Africa.

What is a Mediterranean Green Snail? Mediterranean Green Snail is a species that was not discovered before 1980s. They are known to feed on grassy fields, plants and other crops.

Type 09- Orchid Snail

These species of snails are comparatively smaller in size and are also known for destruction of crops or greenhouses due to their feeding habits.

What is an Orchid Snail? Orchid Snails are slimy creatures have a reddish-brown shell but has a bluish body. They are smaller in size, approximately about one third of an inch.

Type 10- Roman Snail

This species of snails are very famous as they are the edible ones and used o make French dishes like the escargot.

What is a Roman Snail? Roman snail has a beautiful spiral shell with bands of burgundy rings. These snails were previously only found in Europe but now, they can be found all over the world.

The Daily Life Of Snails

Snails have a life expectancy of 3-7 years but are known to live to 10-15 years in captivity. Snails like to stay in damp places. They hide under rocks, stones or even trees. They hide during the day time and come out at night to search for food. Snails move by producing a trail of mucus that reduces friction allowing them to more without injuring their body.

What Do Snails Eat?

Different types of snails eat different types of food depending on the availability of food and their location. Snails are mostly vegetarian but others eat smaller worms too or even other snails at times.

What do snails eat? Snails feed on crops, plants, fungi, smaller worms. Foliage, lichens, other slugs and carrion.

What Does A Snail Sound Like?

Snails do not have any ears and therefore they cannot hear sounds. It is assumed that they can hear vibrations.

What does a snail sound like? Snails are not very noisy animals and can sometimes make a whistling or squeaky sound. The sound may come from the whole in the shell used for breathing and excretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Snails Smart?
Snails can learn things vey quickly, take cover from enemies and more.
Is snail farming profitable?
Snail Farming is regarded as a low risk and profitable business.
What is the best food for snails?
Fresh produce are the best source of nutrients for snails.
Can snails leave its shell?
No snails cannot leave their shells, they are attached to the snail.
Are Snails Poisonous?
Some species of snails are considered to be one of the most poisonous creatures in the world.

Wrapping Up

With more than 6500+ species, the snails can be considered to groups of animals that has one of the highest numbers of variations. They can be found all over the world. They vary in sizes shapes, habitats and most importantly they all have distinctive shells which are quite different than each other. Snail cultivation called heliculture is used to produce snails for human consumption. Humans may also prefer to collect their shells or even keep them as pets.