Happy New Year

Emma Kate Co

Happy New Year all!ย  I hope this year brings you more success – whatever success looks like to you….

Love this image from Emma Kate Co. as seen on Instagram.


New Year and beginnings….


Well I am back on board after a lovely couple of weeks off and ready to go for the New Year!

I’ve had a little looksie around the WWW today and I see there is a lot of talk around making things happen in 2013 which I think is right on the money. It is important to make realistic things happen but also dream a little and put a plan in place for how you can achieve those higher goals. The single word policy I think is great – do, make, create – these things will help you toward your goals!

My goal for the year is simple, make a living doing all of this – Love Ideas Ink, Wink and Peachy plus explore my brand biz which is not too far away – Love Ideas Creative. This should keep me busy methinks – and hopefully profitable!

Yay for that.

What are you planning for 2013?

Eat sleep create

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