Social media inspiration – black dot styled stock edition


Finding things to post on social media every day can be exhausting! Using styled stock images makes everything a trillion times easier – trust me. Here are three examples I created for the Black Dot Instagram page and why they work.


  1. Promote an event, sale or activity. Social media is made for catchy links. Take advantage and promote your business or shop with a great graphic to tell everyone what is going on. Make it simple and eye catching and make sure your text gives them all the key details.


2. Promote a blog post or some great information your customers need to know. Got something great to share with your best customers? Use social media to link them right to it. Use a catchy headline or leading question and make sure they have to click through to see what you’ve got to say.


3. Post an inspirational quote or message. Yes I know these can be cheesy but a positive little graphic sometimes can just make your day. Get on board and stay authentic by saying something that is true to your brand and don’t forget to make it cute and pinnable.

Styled stock is easy, quick and makes your social media look super professional! Check out our Etsy shop today to see if a styled stock image is right for your brand.



A new adventure – Black Dot Styled Stock

I’ve been hinting about something new I’ve been working on for AGES and I’m so excited to be finally sharing my new adventure.

I’ve worked with the amazing Natalie Morgan Photography on loads of projects over the past few years in business and I am thrilled that we are now working together on a new styled stock shop!

Introducing Black Dot Styled Stock!

BlackDotStyledStock Promo Image three

I love styled stock and as a small business owner I know the benefit of using styled stock to make your business look great. Not all of us are as lucky as me to have access to such a great photographer at your fingertips so Natalie and I have teamed up to create a shop full of gorgeous styled stock that you can use for so many things.

Black Dot is all about modern stock imagery for creative businesses and bloggers.

BlackDotStyledStock Promo One

Designed, planned and photographed by two creatives who appreciate the importance of beautiful images for growing successful businesses, Black Dot’s mission is to help you market your business effectively and efficiently.

Use styled stock for:

Pinterest images //Instagram images // Blog headers // Website headers // Website graphics // Shop listing images

BlackDotStyledStock Promo Image Two

You will receive a high resolution, high quality image that you can use in so many ways. And it is yours to use over and over. I’m so excited to see what you guys come up with – Black Dot has something for everyone.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll show you ways I love to use styled stock and hopefully motivate you to take your small business or shop to the next level.

Check out the range now. I’d love to hear what you think.

Looking for an easy solution to creative marketing?

BlackDotStyledStock Promo Image 3

Marketing and promoting your business is tough. I get it. It is tough enough to get your brand and product out there day in day out and make the sales, follow up and then … social media rears its ugly head. It is exhausting.

I’m excited to share with you all something new I’ve been working on which hopefully will make all of this a lot easier!

Stay tuned….


Why I’m starting the year with unsubscribes

Bright Business 15 Strip

I’m starting my year off by focusing on what is really important – my time.

When I first started in business I wanted ALL the inspiration. I signed up to e-newsletters, got blogs on my Feedly and followed dozens and dozens of other cool creative businesses on Facebook.

But I’m a little exhausted by it all now. The constant stream of inspiration – and the time it takes to check it all – has left me a little drained. I want to be doing my thing and doing it well so I’m starting off my year with a whole bunch of unsubscribes!

A Little Bright Business Inspiration overlead

It is nothing personal for these fab creatives, like I say they provide so much good inspiration for me. But I just can’t have them in my head all day long.

So I’m clearing my schedule to allow for more creativity, and in the peace and quiet I can almost see it.

What are you going to do this year to allow creativity in? I’d love to hear.

Let’s start the year with a bang….and a plan

Love Ideas creative teaser image

A New Year brings a whole pile of new ideas, new plans and that super focus you can’t get any other time of year – am I right? It is super important though to focus that energy in all the right places otherwise your New Year plans will be under water way too quickly!

I’ve been working on an e-book freebie for you guys interested in what I think you should concentrate on in 2016. And it is free – you just need to sign up to my e-newsletter here.


2015 highlights

A Little Bright Thanks 2015 Header

I know it is a bit annoying to still be talking about 2015 a whole 14 days into the New Year but I do love a good highlight reel and I wanted to share a couple of things I didn’t talk about last year as well.

Blog Highlights

Love Ideas Creative to do list printable

1 – I started writing about Bright Business a topic I’d been desperate to talk about for ages but just never got around to. This is a great passion of mine and I’m super excited to dive into this more in 2015. There are so many amazing small creative businesses out there and I’m keen to help you out with everything I know. This really makes me so happy.

2 – I made over this blog – and it makes me smile every time I see it. The Blogcademy girls (especially Shauna) got me all inspired about making this a space that was really me, and the design I had before just wasn’t working. I love the new look and will continue to develop this in the coming year.

Wink Highlights

Wink Yay ombre flag toppers 3 S

1 – I wrapped up the Blogcademy experience with a couple of posts about lessons learnt. Everyone was so inspiring in such different fields and this has really helped me this year.

2 – I got featured on Rock n Roll Bride with my DIY Polaroid Garland I loved this so much! Kat was just amazing in letting me share how I styled this cute DIY idea with her amazing creative audience.

3 – I designed some 5 minute cake topper DIY’s that ended up in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine. This was another huge amazing day was seeing my work in this gorgeous magazine. We need more of this genuine authenticity in life I tell you!

Love Ideas Highlights

Love Ideas Ink Kiwi Christmas

1 – Love Ideas Creative launched with a new community, an e-book and lots of smart business tips. This was very exciting and was the culmination of a whole lot of work and I can’t wait to release more!

2 – Love Ideas Ink went from strength to strength and I finally started exploring my love for hand lettering which resulted in some great new products and a constant smile on my face!

3 – Love Ideas Ink was on the cover of the Felt Christmas Catalogue which was super exciting. The New Zealand community of crafters and makers is just amazing and I was so grateful to be on the front of this awesome publication.

Me Highlights

Melbourne 4

1 – I took a trip to Melbourne to catch up with family and get re-inspired – and it so worked. Melbourne is such a great place and the street art tour I took was so colourful and bright I just loved it.

2 – My partner and I bought our first house! I didn’t really mention it at the time but it was a great achievement in such a tough Auckland market. We just love it.

Me Lowlights

Peachy card love L

1 – Of course shutting Peachy was tough but it was definitely the right decision. I am trying to really fine tune my offering this year and get clear about what I want to do and what makes me happy.

So it has been a great year with ups and downs and tough times in amongst the smiles. I’m looking forward to 2016 and some new adventures along with a great big new direction announcement. Thanks as always for reading and following along x