What Is A Group Of Tortoises Called and How They Live In 2021?

“All tortoises are turtles, but all turtles aren’t actually tortoises”- sounds interesting right? Yes, despite some exceptions like the land-dwelling box turtles, all turtles that dwell on land are known as “Tortoises”. This creature with chubby feet and heavy shells can’t swim, unlike other turtles.

What is a group of tortoises called? A group of tortoises is called a creep. These reptiles can live in almost all kinds of environment except extreme cold weather.

what is a group of tortoises called

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What Is A Group Of Baby Tortoises Called?

Though adult tortoises may look intimidating to some of you, the babies are adorable. These babies need much protection from their mothers at the early days of their life.

What is a group of baby tortoises called? The baby tortoises are called hatchlings. And a group of baby tortoises is called a creep.

What Is A Large Group Of Tortoises Called?

Tortoises usually roam around and live alone. Seeing a group of tortoises is really rare.

What is a large group of tortoises called? All types of groups formed by tortoises are called creeps. Thus, a large group of tortoises is called a creep.

What Do You Call A Group Of Tortoises?

As mentioned earlier, tortoises usually live a solitary life. Though in certain cases, they are also noticed forming groups.

What do you call a group of tortoises? The best name for tortoises is “creep”. Thus, a group of these reptiles can be called a creep.

Different Types Of Tortoises

Whether it’s domestic or wild, tortoises share the similar trait of being gentle and not being able to swim. These reptile species belong to the family Testudinidae.

There are about 49 types or species of tortoises at present in the world. Currently, the number of living tortoises is approximately 50, 000.

Let’s get to know about the top 10 most popular types of tortoises! Keep reading below for fascinating facts about them.

Type 01- Galápagos Tortoise

When asked about tortoises, the first image that comes to our mind is a large figured tortoise. That familiar figure is that of a Galápagos tortoise, which is considered to be the most common species of its kind.

What is Galápagos Tortoise? Galápagos Tortoise is the largest species of tortoise. They’re also the longest-living ones of their kind. This tortoise is indigenous to the seven Galápagos islands.

Type 02- Indian Star Tortoise

Small, attractive and easy to handle- these are the desired features any pet lovers would look for a tortoise, and exactly for owning these characteristics the Indian Star Tortoises are very popular.

What is Indian Star Tortoise? Indian Star Tortoise is the indigenous species of tortoise to India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan’s scorched areas. This type of tortoise is currently endangered for being popular in the pet trade.

Type 03- African Spurred tortoise

Who doesn’t want an interactive pet? If you’re looking for such a kind of tortoise, the African Spurred tortoise is one of the most adorable companions for you.

What is African Spurred tortoise? The African Spurred Tortoise or Sulcata tortoise is a native species to the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. At present in the world, it’s the third-largest tortoise species.

Type 04- Red-footed tortoise

Red-footed tortoises are medium-sized, attractive and omnivorous in nature. They are comfortable living in a humid environment.

What is Red-footed tortoise? The Red-footed Tortoise is the native species to northern South America. This tortoise is one of those few exceptional ones of its kind that eat meat besides plant-based food.

Type 05- Hermann’s Tortoise

When talking about popular pet tortoises, we can’t ignore Hermann’s Tortoises. These medium-sized reptiles have a lifespan of more than 50 years and require hibernation.

What is Hermann’s Tortoise? Hermann’s Tortoise is an indigenous species to southern Europe. There are two subspecies of this tortoise: the western Hermann’s tortoise and the eastern Hermann’s tortoise.

Type 06- Russian Tortoise

Russian tortoises are really popular as pets for being small and having attractive characteristics.

What is Russian Tortoise? Russian Tortoise is the native species of tortoise to Central Asia. Currently, the existence of this species is in the face of extinction.

Type 07- Greek Tortoise

The Greek tortoises are one of the common types of tortoises and are quite small in size.

What is Greek Tortoise? The Greek tortoise is a species of Mediterranean tortoises. They have a lifespan of about 125 years.

Type 08- Leopard Tortoise

The fourth-largest species of tortoises is the Leopard tortoise. They are medium-sized and don’t require to hibernate.

What is Leopard Tortoise? Leopard tortoise is a species with unique leopard-like patterns on the shells and is indigenous species of South Africa.

Type 09- Sonoran Desert tortoise

Medium in size and inhabitants of the desert- these are the words that can simply describe a Sonoran Desert Tortoise.

What is Sonoran Desert tortoise? Sonoran Desert Tortoise is a tortoise species that is found in the Sonoran Desert and can adapt to a dry environment.

Type 10- Pinta Island Tortoise

At present, 5 species of giant tortoises have gone extinct and Pinta Island Tortoise is one of them.

What is Pinta Island Tortoise? Pinta Island Tortoise is an extinct species of the Galápagos tortoise that was indigenous to the Pinta Island of Ecuador. A very popular tortoise of this species was the Lonesome George which died in 2012 marking the extinction of its kind.

The Daily Life Of Tortoises

The daily life of tortoises is very peaceful as they are gentle in nature. They live on plants and are absolutely harmless to other animals.

What Do Tortoises Eat?

As you already know by now, tortoises can live for more than 100 years. This must make you wonder what their diet is. Tortoises are herbivores and prefer plants as food.

What do tortoises eat? Tortoises eat plant-based food like grasses, flowers, herbs and vegetables. In exceptional cases, the tortoises that live in forests sometimes eat insects, worms etc. The tortoises which are kept as pets are usually fed vegetables and sometimes, fruits.

What Does A Tortoise Sound Like?

Tortoises are very gentle and quiet in nature. You’ll occasionally hear them make any sound.

What does an animal tortoise sound like? The tortoises usually make hissing and panting noises. Besides, they are also noticed groaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tortoises good as pets?
Tortoises aren’t ideal as indoor pets as most of them are endangered but proper care and space make them adorable companions.
How long does a tortoise live?
Most tortoises can live for more than 100 years.
What is the difference between tortoises and turtle?
The main difference is that tortoises spend their lifetime on the land, whereas turtles can live in both land and water.
Are tortoises friendly?
Most of the tortoises are harmless and friendly.
Why is tortoise slow?
Tortoises are thought to be slow for their physical structure and for being herbivores.

Wrapping Up

Tortoises are very fascinating animals and are really important for our earth. We all should come forward to save these ancient creatures from the threat of extinction by knowing about them and make this earth better for all.