What Is A Group Of Turkeys Called and How They Live In 2022?

Thanksgiving and turkeys- these two surely have the power to bring people together on a table. But what about turkeys themselves? Do we know if they form groups? Even if they do so, what are those groups called or what is a group of turkey called? That’s what we’ll be talking about today!

Most animal groups go by one name, but with turkey, it’s different. Based on whether these chicken-like birds are domestic or wild, their group names are determined.

So, what do you called a group of turkeys? You can called a Rafter or Flock. Baby turkeys special group names are Poults or Chicks. Domesticated turkeys are called Rafter or Flocks. Wild turkeys are called a Flock or a Gang. Venue, Wake, Committee and Kettle group names for both beautiful turkey vulters and buzzards.

what is a group of turkey called

Now, you might’ve questions like “How many turkeys make a group?” or “How many types of groups do these birds even form?” Well, worry no more. Because, here we’ve answer to all of your queries! So, without further ado, let’s get to know about “Groups of Turkeys” down below –

What Do People Like About Turkey?

Turkeys are quite familiar all over the world. Be it for their looks, friendly nature or mouth-watering taste, these birds are well-known, and humans adore them a lot for various reasons.

Let’s get to know specifically what people like about turkeys from the following points-

  • Turkeys are Smart: If you didn’t know, turkeys are pretty smart. They have the ability to recognize each other through remembering each other’s unique voices. These birds are also able to remember the faces of humans they adore!
  • Turkeys are Social: Turkeys are very social. They tend to form long-lasting bonds with their kinds as well as humans.
  • Turkeys Make Great Pets: Turkeys are equally adorable as dogs when we consider them as pets! These unique-featured birds are loyal, and absolutely loves to cuddle and be petted by their human companions, just like any dog.
  • Turkeys have Delicious Taste: It’s not an unknown fact that turkeys are considered delicious and a festive-food in many countries. Be it for thanksgiving or Christmas, these chicken-like birds are welcome in our plates for their tenderness and mouth-watering flavor.

How Many Turkeys Make A Group?

As we’ve already mentioned, turkeys are very social. They form and remain in large groups very often.

How many turkeys make a group? Usually, turkeys form groups of 20 to 40 members. But in a poultry, all the turkeys present there form a single group, even if the number exceeds 40.

What Is A Group Of Wild Turkeys Called?

Be it wild or domestic, turkeys of all types are fond of forming groups. Noticing turkey groups in the wild is very common.

Let’s get to know what a group of wild turkeys are called-

  • A Gang of Turkeys
  • A Flock of Turkeys

What Is A Group Of Domestic Turkeys Called?

Turkeys are one of the most popular domesticated animals. These social birds, when kept in poultry, loves to form groups.

What is a group of domestic turkeys called? A group of domestic turkeys is called a Rafter of Turkeys, or simply Rafter. They are also called a flock of turkeys when they form large groups.

What Is A Group Of Vultures Turkey Called?

Groups of turkey vultures have more than two terms! Depending on what they are doing, their groups’ names are determined.

Let’s get to know what you can call a group of vultures turkey-

  • Volt
  • Committee
  • Venue
  • Kettle (when the group is flying)
  • Wake (when the group is having food)

What Is A Group Of Buzzards Turkey called?

Buzzards turkeys, in many countries like the US, are considered the same as Vultures turkey. Thus, both types share similar terms when it comes to naming their groups. at you can call a group of vultures-turkey.

Without further ado, let’s know what we can call a group of buzzards turkey-

  • Wake (when the group is having food)
  • Committee (when the group is on the ground or on a tree)
  • Kettle (when the group is flying)

What Is A Group Of Chicks Turkey Called?

“Chick” is used for newborn turkeys. They are also called nestlings. These baby turkeys also have group names depending on whether they are domesticated or wild.

Let’s get to know what we can use to address a group of chicks turkey-

  • Poults (domesticated turkeys)
  • Chicks (wild turkeys)

What Is A Group Of Flock Turkey Called?

“Flock” is the term we use for wild turkeys. Does this term sound familiar? To many, it does! Because this term is also used to address a group of chickens and some other animals.

What is a group of flock turkey called? A large group of wild turkeys are called a flock or a flock of turkeys. In a flock, there remain a large number of turkeys; sometimes, the number is even hard to count.

What Is A Group Of Baby Turkeys Called?

Yes, even the baby turkeys have their very own terms for their groups! These adorable babies’ groups also have more than one term.

Without further ado, dive into the terms you can use to address a group of baby turkeys-

  • Poults
  • Chicks
  • Turkeyling

What Is A Large Group Of Wild Turkeys Called?

Unlike most animals, turkeys are blessed with a lot of unique group names! Be it wild or domesticated, most groups of these birds have more than one or two group names.

Now, without further ado, let’s know about all the terms we can use for a large group of wild turkeys-

  • Gang of Turkeys
  • Flock of Turkeys

Top 05 Fun Fact About Turkey

Just by the sight at the amount of unique group names turkeys have, it’s not hard to tell that these birds are full of interesting and fun facts. It’s pretty natural that these names have intrigued you to know more fun facts about these birds. We’re about to that, right now!

turkey funny

Without further ado, let’s get to know about 5 fun facts about turkeys down below-

  • Turkeys are Consumed a Lot: On average, people consumed about 18 lbs. of turkey in a year. Besides, people have turkeys on Thanksgiving, which amount to more than the total number of turkeys eaten on Christmas and Easter.
  • Turkeys have Excellent Vision: These birds have far better vision than humans. Their 3-times better vision than us allows them to see in color. Their eyesight can cover 270 degrees.
  • Turkeys can Change their Head Colors: Yes, turkeys can do so! Depending on their emotions, these creatures can change their heads' colors from red to blue to white! The intensity of the colors is proportional to the intensity of their emotions' intensity.
  • Wild Turkeys Can Fly: There's a common myth that turkeys can't fly, probably because they feed on the ground. But turkeys can fly, especially the wild ones, up to 55 mph in short bursts. The domesticated ones aren't seen flying because of the weight they are made to gain.
  • Male Turkeys are the Ones that Make "Gobble" Sound: Only the male turkeys, during their mating session, makes the "gobble" sound. Otherwise, turkeys are noticed to make sounds like "kees-kees", "purrs", and "yelps".

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a turkey a bird or an animal?
A turkey is a bird. Due to their relation to dinosaurs like the velociraptor, many thinks these birds are animals.
Are turkeys a flock?
Turkeys do form flocks. Typically, turkeys of the same feather flock together.
How many turkeys are in a rafter?
In a rafter, there might be as little as two and as much as forty turkeys. Rafters might include baby, male and female turkeys.
Why is it called a rafter of turkeys?
It is found that, in the early times of European occupation of North America, the turkeys formed the habit of perching on construction rafters to seek shelter from predators. And from this, it's assumed that a group of turkeys got the group name "a rafter of turkeys".
What is the average lifespan of a turkey?
The average lifespan of a turkey varies depending on whether they are wild or domesticated. The life span of a wild is 3 to 5 years, while for the domestic ones it’s up to 10 years.

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Wrapping Up

You can gladly say that your bag of knowledge is now filled with most of the interesting group names associated with turkeys. Be it wild, domestic, baby or different kinds of turkeys, we've covered most of their groups' names here.

From this article on what is a group of turkey called, we can easily mark the conclusion that turkeys are not only mouth-watering as food, but these birdies are full of adorable and interesting features. While it seems that turkeys are in a pretty decent position, the domesticated ones face a lot of problems. They live in confined environments and are euthanized often when they're injured.

It's fine to be a meat-lover or domesticating turkeys for a living, but at the same time, it should be made sure that we're all aware of the turkeys' well-being.